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SAIChE-383: Design of Vessels, Tanks and Piping (online)


CPD 2 Credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes sub-courses such as 7 Tank Material Designs, Design for Corrosion, Temperature-Pressure Ratings in Designs, Design for Pressure and Vacuum Services.

The popular, unique and information packed course to enable those involved in design, projects and plant operations to analyse and design a range of process vessels, tanks and pipes in greater detail – thus achieving more cost-efficient and effective complete engineering designs aligned with each process requirement.

The vessel function and main design requirements are analysed through advanced systems, scoping, information and risk analytical methods. Each of the main materials types that can be applied in vessels designs are addressed in turn. Steels, Stainless Steels and Exotic Steels, Thermoplastics and Thermosets (Fibreglass), and Steel Plastic-lined Vessels are the main materials groupings evaluated. Applicable standards are addressed for each material and the critical variables in total design are fully addressed. Pressure Vessels are also addressed in a special sub-section. Hazardous Processes are discussed and attendees are introduced to the relevant design standards for hazards products.

The final summary is prepared as a series of DESIGN STAGES OR STEPS in a master chart with control checklists and the appropriate design standards and design limitations are discussed and finalized. Interesting and unusual case studies are also presented.


A range of competencies are enhanced including use of engineering design and contextual judgement, developing knowledge-based engineering problem-solving, and other key design practices. The main objective is to widen knowledge of the materials choices in design of vessels and enable engineers to do the first level, or basic design of vessels, tank and piping before procuring the final detailed design from professional specialist suppliers or design consultants.

Economic benefits are achieved through the evaluation of different materials and assessing the most effective materials for the given process variables, service needs and potential hazards.

Attendee comments in 2021:
“Thanks for an excellent course”, Wikus P.;
“Thanks for an interesting and excellent course”, Mark K.

Presenter: John Broli. (MD E4A) Tel: 082 786 8507.    

For more information or to make your booking, contact John Broli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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