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SAIChE-384: Knowledge Management, Communication and Report Writing (online)


CPD 2 credits. CPD Ref. no: SAIChE-384 Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Also called: Engineering Report Writing, Presentations, Communication.
Includes sub-courses Courses such as Technical Presentations, Audience and Message analyses, Technical Scoping & The 4th Industrial Revolution. 

An important Course for all Engineers to practice clear and detailed communication channels in all workplaces, especially formal presentations of technical studies such as project proposals.

E4A firstly addresses knowledge management with respect to current rapid change, complexity and the importance of current knowledge expansion. These topics are introduced as a lead-in to the key topics of communication, presentations, and report writing. We then address approaches to communication and technical report writing with an overview to important fundamentals such as audience analysis, needs statements, target markets, bias and vested interests, impacts on communication and matters such as attention markers or lead-ins to many communications and other report writing requirements. The course then presents analytical tools (system analyses, scope analyses, information analyses) to use in the importance of thorough background analysis for good professional technical reports. There is also analysis of how information can be better presented and the hazards of poor presentation especially in spreadsheets and graphical analyses.

Further course content covers types of reports, types of styles and matters of report content.

Important guidelines, rules and good practices for each of the communication and report modes are then presented and discussed. Attendees will also develop and enhance their presentations, reports and overall communication skills. The expectations of the coming 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) to control processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Advanced Instrumentation and BIG DATA analyses are then debated under the 3rdIR.


The main objective is to improve technical communication and writing skills of the attendees, thus providing enhanced communication of emails, and technical records and procedures. The course also sets out to provide a sound understanding of the nature of knowledge and information and the dominant role it plays in all communication in modern economies.

Economic benefits are achieved through reduction of errors and miscommunications in the workplace and thus improved control of processes and operations.

Attendee comments in 2021:

“The course enlightened me well on the small details that matter in communication”, Tebogo P.;
“A great course. I will especially use the tools for report writing of my technical reports”, Siphamandla B.

Engineers for Africa is renowned for the excellent and extensive case studies and worked examples we provide. These are unmatched in their range, relevance to the courses, and relevance to all the African workplaces.

Presenter: John Broli. (MD E4A) Tel: 082 786 8507.    

For more information or to make your booking, contact John Broli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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