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SAIChE-421: Corrosion, Cracks, Catastrophes. (Online)


CPD 3 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes various sub-courses such as Corrosion and Oxidation, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Permeation, Hydrogen Embrittlement, Cracks and Micro-cracks, Corrosion Barriers and Corrosion Allowances, Corrosion Charts, Major Catastrophes including Critical Variables in Fires and Explosions. 

This EXCITING and EXTENSIVE new Course covers an in-depth review of the 3 GREATEST RISKS in Engineering Design at a level beneficial to all engineering disciplines. The range of topics covered is immense and the course provides attendees with lots of basic principles and many design guidelines and checklists. 
This high-grade course enables engineers and scientists involved in design, projects and plant operations to assess the design requirements for addressing corrosion, crack avoidance and hazards risks at a first level of basic professional design assessment.
This Course focusses firstly on corrosion, sets out many aspects of the various corrosion types and mechanisms, and compares the way in which materials are selected for service in various corrosive environments. The use of variables analyses, special E4A analytical methods, and E4A selected corrosion charts, paves the way to the choice of materials for industry applications.             

The Course then sets out various crack types and mechanisms, and shows how materials are selected for service while limiting the crack prone services and thus the next level of material selection for service in industry. The Course especially addresses those aspects of risk that initiate cracks and crack propagation, as well as important critical variables such as stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and embrittlement, notably hydrogen embrittlement. 

The third main section of the Course addresses those areas of risk that are particularly hazardous in most industries with the main emphasis on fire and explosion hazards avoidance by design.  
The topics addressed are centered on the identification of critical variables in the total system analyses.    

The final summary is prepared as a series of DESIGN STAGES OR STEPS in the E4A master chart manner with control checklists and the appropriate design approaches. We include in the Course Interesting and unusual case studies and factual examples of materials selection and application.  

There is a full scope of reading material that extends the Course to enable the award of 3 CPD points and we will provide those details and discuss with attendees how these details can be addressed, at the time of your registration for the Course. The full live attendance remains at 2 days.


The main objective is to provide engineers with the fundamentals of design and risk management of the 3 GREATEST RISKS subjects of the Course and to thereby limit risk of failure and avoid the excessive costs of failure and downtime stemming from failure. 

Economic benefits are achieved also with the materials cost savings in the designs concluded. 

Engineers for Africa is renowned for the excellent and extensive case studies and worked examples we provide. These are unmatched in their range, relevance to the courses, and relevance to all the African workplaces.

Presenter: John Broli. (MD E4A) Tel: 082 786 8507.    

For more information or to make your booking, contact John Broli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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