CPD Courses Accredited by SAIChE

SAIChE-384: Knowledge Management, Communication and Report Writing (online)

CPD 2 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes sub-courses Courses such as Technical Presentations, Audience and Message analyses, Technical Scoping & The 4th Industrial Revolution. 

SAIChE-383: Design of Vessels, Tanks and Piping (online)

CPD 2 Credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes sub-courses such as 7 Tank Material Designs, Design for Corrosion, Temperature-Pressure Ratings in Designs, Design for Pressure and Vacuum Services.

SAIChE-382: Design of Piping Systems

CPD 2 credits.  Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes Sub-courses such as Pipe Sizing, Corrosion, Temperature-Pressure Ratings, Installations. 

SAIChE-381: Engineering Design as Creativity, Innovation and Value Adding (online)

CPD 2 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes sub-courses such as Creative Thinking Processes & Strategies, Managing and Marketing Intellectual Property (IP), Grey Innovations and Leverage of Profit margins.

SAIChE-380: Materials in Engineering Design, Important Trends and Innovations

CPD 2 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes Sub-Courses such as New Insights on many materials subjects, E4A’s Master Materials selection with Barriers, Corrosion, 3D Printing, Recycling, Innovative Materials - annual updates.

SAIChE-379: Process Safety SLP

CPD credits 5. Provider: Nelson Mandela Univ. (SAIChE-SPV-006)

Course will provide a broad understanding of the tools and problem-solving techniques used in process safety.

SAIChE-371: Behavioural Based Safety Workshop Course 

CPD credits 3.  Provider: Luthando Skills & Training (SAIChE-SPV-010)

The course takes a systematic approach, examining the motivation underlying behaviors, in order to increase safe behavior.

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