The Annual Renewal Fees of SAIChE and IChemE are now collected and processed by IChemE.  Members now pay online via PayPal.  In the short-term this means payments will no longer be set in ZAR, although new payment systems will be looked at in the future. More information on how SAIChE and IChemE are now working together can be found on the IChemE website.

Members pay one amount to IChemE.  Members living in South Africa will then automatically have SAIChE membership as well.

IChemE has been working with SAIChE to review our collaborative arrangements. New arrangements are now being put in place, coming into effect in line with the 2020 annual subscription run which begins in Q4 2019.
Whilst the new collaborative arrangements respect each organisation’s subtle but important differences, the outcome will be a move towards closer collaboration than ever before. 
New arrangements

The below briefly outlines key aspects of the new arrangements for members in South Africa or members of SAIChE based outside of South Africa.

Membership of IChemE: IChemE’s standard membership offering is available to all members, globally. Arrangements between IChemE and SAIChE have no bearing on this as SAIChE is an independent third party. 
Membership of SAIChE: IChemE provide a full membership service to SAIChE which includes maintaining its membership roll. Those who wish to be a member of SAIChE will be required to hold membership of IChemE. The cost of membership will be at the IChemE rate applicable to a member’s grade and domicile. There will be no additional charge for membership of SAIChE. 
Membership applications: IChemE’s online membership application system should be used to apply to join IChemE, or to apply for a new grade of membership. Those who wish to be a member of SAIChE should apply to join IChemE in the first instance. As IChemE operate the SAIChE membership roll it will not be possible to be a member of SAIChE without joining and maintaining membership of IChemE.

Being a member of SAIChE based outside of South Africa: Existing SAIChE members are recorded on a SAIChE membership roll on the IChemE database. Being based outside of South Africa does not impact this. Those wishing to join or be removed from the SAIChE membership roll should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Governance: An IChemE National Board is being created in South Africa to connect the membership in the country with IChemE’s broader programme of activity, through a standardised structure. Governance of SAIChE will be separate but the two bodies will work closely to deliver activity locally.
Engineering Council South Africa (ECSA):  SAIChE will continue to work with ECSA as a Voluntary Association to serve the profession in South Africa.  
2020 Annual subscription rates: All members globally will pay a rate, set by IChemE, to IChemE.