Job: Process Engineer Gr 1, Secunda, Mpumalanga

Job Designation:                   Process Engineer Gr.I

Operating entity:                   Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO)

Department:                          Technical Support

Geographical area:               Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa



The position requires to work in teams to support the process engineering strategy with respect to meeting production targets, providing process engineering technical support and identifying improvement opportunities.

The incumbent will be expected to contribute unit-specific technical input into daily assurance process, taking upstream and downstream units into account.

The incumbent will report to the Lead Engineer. The position has no subordinates. The incumbent will work in a matrix organization and the environment is relatively uncertain and the person will need a tolerance for ambiguity.

Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO) operates the world’s largest coal-to-liquids (CTL) facility and produces synthesis gas (syngas) through coal gasification and natural gas reforming, using Sasol’s unique and proprietary Fischer-Tropsch technology to manufacture synthetic fuel components, pipeline gas and chemical feedstock.


  • Support process engineering strategy with respect to meeting production targets, providing process engineering technical support and identifying improvement opportunities
  • Contribute unit-specific technical input into daily assurance process
  • "Operate within Agreed Parameters' (OWAP) monitoring and deviation prevention on unit level and assurance that unit is optimally operated within agreed operating envelopes
  • Contribute technical input into compilation of "Volume Protection Plans" (VPP) and identify and prevent risks of deviation
  • Data accumulation and processing for input into improvement plans on a unit operations level
  • Deliver technical track and process related inputs required on smaller projects (tier 4/5) in accordance with sound established engineering principles and standards to satisfy business requirements



In addition to a pre-employment medical examination, some positions may require a physical fitness assessment as part of the normal selection criteria.


  • A minimum of a BSc (Chemical Engineering) or BEng (Chemical) engineering degree (Must)


  • Successfully completed the 3 year Graduate Development Program and typically 3 to 5 years experience
  • Proven track of satisfactory performance (a Must)
  • Knowledge of Refining Units will be a strong advantage
  • Conceptual and strategic development experience will be an advantage





  • Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting.


Partnership Leadership

  • Persuades and influences stakeholders; builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes.
  • Builds Teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries.


Functional / Technical:

  • Give unit specific input into the development and maintenance of the plant OWAP
  • Monitor and identify corrective and preventative steps to ensure plants operate within the OWAP
  • Identify losses on unit and compile waterfall graphs as input into the improvement plans
  • Monitor and interpret performance on technical drivers, constraints and levers on equipment level
  • Shutdown support with respect to process equipment integrity
  • Monitor unit operation to ensure sustainable and predictable production to protect volume (provide accurate process data for the production planning and scheduling processes)
  • Unit and equipment heat maps and reporting on efficiencies, losses and integrity concerns
  • Energy management on equipment operations
  • Accumulate data for input into improvement initiatives through technical investigations via the asset management process (ISO 55000)
  • All OWAPs monitored, deviations investigated and preventative measures identified
  • Data accumulation and processing for input into process related improvement plans/technical landscape
  • Contribute technical inputs into and delivery on VPP
  • Proactive monitoring and risk identification on unit operation level
  • Ensure process integrity of equipment is restored through inspections and recommendations during shutdowns
  • Predicting and monitoring of unit yields to ensure compliance to plan
  • Reports to be issued as per requirements
  • Monitoring of energy usage and highlighting of deviations
  • Plant reliability, volume and unit cost are tracked and deviations identified
  • Process engineering input into operating manuals, including start-up and shutdown procedures as well as training manuals

Governance, compliance and risk management:

  • Identify process deviation, threats, risks and opportunities through monitoring of unit operations
  • Analyse and understand  the root cause of deviations that occurred on unit operations
  • Ensure quality inputs of own work
  • Contribute to plant basic documentation and systems (mass balances, energy balances, fingerprinting, MSR's, operating envelopes/philosophies, critical parameters and levers and predictive monitoring tools)
  • Compliance to internal Sasol guidelines and policies
  • Well documented Root Cause analyses for deviations
  • Actively identify process safety threats
  • Technical input into Hazops, PFD and MFD reviews (Fulfil role of technical representative)
  • Compliance with internal guidelines & policies e.g. MOC process followed


Project execution performance:

  • Provide process engineering support and input for small projects (tier 4&5), such as:
  • Process design (conceptual, basic engineering)
  • Participation in design and safety reviews
  • Start-up and commissioning support
  • Supply techno-economical input into business cases
  • Compliance with project milestones and metrics
  • Conceptual design of potential plant improvement initiatives
  • Optimum solution achieved for opportunities identified 


SHE performance:

  • Identification, quantification and take the lead in mitigation of process risks and ensure inclusion in process plans
  • Adherence to SHE strategy to achieve zero harm.
  • Continuous improvement of key process metrics to maintain license to operate.
  • Zero process safety incidents
  • Delivery on Process safety management elements
  • Well documented Root Cause analyses for all significant loss incidents and major equipment failures.
  • Actively identify process safety threats and deliver on mitigation plans.
  • Technical input into Hazops, PFD and MFD reviews (Fulfil role of technical representative).
  • Demonstrate fundamental documentation and tools are in place and still relevant.
  • Compliance with internal guidelines & policies e.g. MOC process followed.



  • Maintain good working relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective stakeholder engagement by taking the lead in discussions with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure necessary level of technical support is provided to ensure effective resolution of problems
  • Actively participate in peer reviews by peer reviewing the work of other engineers


Note: Failure to provide Sasol with truthful information and valid documents will render your application null and void. 


Applications should be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.