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Council members created 3 sub-committees with oversight of a project coordinator. They have been hard at work over the past year, also working in conjunction with ECSA.

Chem Eng Code of Practice 
The final document was submitted to ECSA. A general request was received from ECSA for further comments. It went out to all their membership. Feedback received will be reviewed at a meeting on 5 Dec 2022. ECSA plan is to conclude all of them this year. 

They have also worked on the Identification of Engineering Work - chemical engineering.

A 2021 draft report on critical skills in South Africa revealed that although engineering is broadly regarded as high-in-demand and amongst the skills deemed in short supply within the country, chemical engineering is conspicuously absent from the list. This is echoed by qualitative evidence that the attractiveness of chemical engineering as an option for tertiary studies is waning, as well as the lack of suitable entry positions within industry which would point to a saturation of the employment market for these graduates. Against this background it is therefore necessary to initiate a study into the status of chemical engineering in South Africa.

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