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New Issue: South African Journal of Chemical Engineering - Volume 46




Hydrothermal extraction and micronization in a one-step process for enhancement of β–glucan concentrate at subcritical water conditions.

Pages 72-87

Siti Machmudah, Wahyudiono, Tadafumi Adschiri, Motonobu Goto

Advancements and challenges in green extraction techniques for Indonesian natural products: A review

Pages 88-98

Nicky Rahmana Putra, Yustisia Yustisia, R. Bambang Heryanto, Asmaliyah Asmaliyah, Miswarti Miswarti, Dwila Nur Rizkiyah, Mohd Azizi Che Yunus, Irianto Irianto, Lailatul Qomariyah, Gus Ali Nur Rohman

An overview of nanoparticles in drug delivery: Properties and applications

Pages 233-270

Chou-Yi Hsu, Ahmed Mahdi Rheima, Mustafa M. Kadhim, Nada Nadhim Ahmed, Srwa Hashim Mohammed, Fatima Hashim Abbas, Zainab Talib Abed, Zahra Muhammed Mahdi, Zainab Sabri Abbas, Safa K. Hachim, Farah K. Ali, Zaid H Mahmoud, Ehsan Kianfar

Nanowires Properties and Applications: A Review Study

Pages 286-311

Chou-Yi Hsu, Ahmed Mahdi Rheima, Zainab sabri Abbas, Muhammad Usman Faryad, Mustafa M. Kadhim, Usama S. Altimari, Ashour H. Dawood, Alaa dhari jawad al-bayati, Zainab Talib Abed, Rusul Saeed Radhi, Asala Salam Jaber, Safa K. Hachim, Farah K. Ali, Zaid H Mahmoud, Ghobad Behzadi pour, Ehsan Kianfar

Microbial desalination cell technique - A review

Pages 312-329

Olayemi A. Odunlami, Denen A. Vershima, Chukwudi V. Tagbo, Stephen Ogunlade, Sonia Nkongho 



Entropy generation and current density of tangent hyperbolic Cu-C2H6O2 and ZrO2-Cu/C2H6O2 hybridized electromagnetic nanofluid: A thermal power application

Pages 1-11

S.O. Salawu, E.I. Akinola, MD. Shamshuddin

Effect of pretreatments to improve nickel leaching from laterites in carboxylic media: Mechanism and kinetic model

Pages 12-21

Johana Borda, Robinson Torres 

High surface area peat moss biochar and its potential for Chromium metal adsorption from aqueous solutions

Pages 22-34

Mena M.Nabeel Aljumaili, Yasser I. Abdul-Aziz

Household bleach products as high-performance and cost-effective cleaning agents for membrane fouling

Pages 35-41

Sri Mulyati, Cut Meurah Rosnelly, Yanna Syamsuddin, Aulia Chintia Ambarita, Syawaliah Muchtar

Modification of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane for high concentration of nannochloropsis as a raw material for bioethanol: Computations and experiments

Pages 42-55

Badrut Tamam Ibnu Ali, Taufik Qodar Romadiansyah, Widi Citra Lestari, Yuly Kusumawati, Dini Ermavitalini, Nurul Widiastuti


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