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2000 Volume 12

South African Journal of Chemical Engineering
Open access journal. From 2016 the Journals were published by Elsevier, via Sciencedirect, starting with Volume 21.

ISSN: 1026-9185

We acknowledge all the work done by authors and the reviewers to ensure the work is of an international standard, of high quality, original papers, in all areas of chemical engineering. This journal is particularly interested in publishing papers on the unique issues facing chemical engineering in countries that are rich in resources but unfortunately face specific technical and societal challenges. This requires detailed knowledge of local conditions to be addressed.

V12 n1 2000 pp 1-14
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V12 n1 2000 pp 15-34
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V12 n1 2000 pp 35-46
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V12 n2 2000 pp 1-9
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