CPD Courses Accredited by SAIChE

SAIChE-450: Variable Frequency-Speed Drives 2. Power Saving and Fast Paybacks

CPD credits: 1. CPD Ref. no: SAIChE-450 Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

VFDs and VSDs continue to bring amazing benefits in a wide range of sectors of the engineering world and there are still numerous applications that can lead to notable power savings and linked fast paybacks. We take you through a range of VFD/VSD applications and discuss real power savings we have seen and made in industry. Power saving is modelled and used to illustrate significant fast economic paybacks in many everyday applications.

SAIChE-449: PIPING 2 – HDPE Virgin, HDPE and Concrete, HDPE and Steel, HDPE and Composites

CPD credits: 1. CPD Ref. no: SAIChE-449 Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

HDPE is taking on a new life with improved grades, fascinating applications and an important role in the new hydrogen world. Through comparisons of piping applications, we show you how HDPE is breaking new ground in Engineering. We go from Slurries to Sewage and other revealing applications such as Hydrogen and De-mineralized Water.

SAIChE-448: DUPLEX Stainless Steels 2 - Unique Applications, Significant Cost Benefits.

CPD credits: 1. CPD Ref. no: SAIChE-448 Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Duplex Stainless Steels have increasing application in many industries and continue to pioneer new horizons which are often cost saving solutions on a significant scale.
We take you through a range of fascinating economic models with vessel designs and present a range of applications with notable structural benefits such as weight reduction.

SAIChE-442: Data Analysis with Excel for Analysts, Scientists and Engineers

CPD credits: 3. Provider: Nelson Mandela Univ. - Innoventon (SAIChE-SPV-006)

Practical training and theoretical background on Data Analysis using Excel.
Statistical data analysis using Excel as a tool.

SAIChE-441: Basic Aspen Plus Course

CPD credits: 3. Provider: Sasol Limited (SAIChE-SPV-002)

In-house monthly training sessions for Sasol employees. 

SAIChE-440: Heat Exchangers Design Principles & Practice

CPD credits: 1. Provider: ProTherm Systems (Pty) Ltd (SAIChE-SPV-011)

The understanding of heat transfer theory is crucial to almost all engineers, but it is of more importance to process / chemical and mechanical engineers.

SAIChE-439: Practical Distillation Technology (Kister)

CPD credits: 3. Provider: Resolve (Unlock & Align Facilitation) (SAIChE-SPV-009)

Comprehensive coverage of distillation technology, with particular emphasis on the problems that can occur and how to solve them.

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