CPD Courses Accredited by SAIChE

SAIChE-398: KEPNERandFOURIE ThinkingWorks – Problem Solving & Decision Making

CPD credits: 3. Provider: Thinking Dimensions Group (Pty) Ltd (SAIChE-SPV-001)

Root Cause Analysis - Deciding Solutions to Problems - Prioritize Problems.

SAIChE-393: Process Hazard and Operability Course (Prev. SAIChE-347)

3 CPD Points - Provider: Ishecon cc (SAIChE-SPV-003)

Ishecon cc presents several Process Safety Courses.

SAIChE-392: HAZOP Leadership & Management Course

CPD credits: 3 Provider: SHExcellence (Rod Prior) (SAIChE-SPV-005)

Also accredited by IChemE.

SAIChE-390: Design for Optimum Electrical Power Usage. NEW! (online)

CPD 2 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes various sub-courses such as Motor Designs, Other Mechanical Drives, Power Equations, Static Electricity, Fire and Explosion Risks, Solar Power, and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs).

SAIChE-389: Multi-variable Problems in Engineering (Analysis, Solution and Control)

CPD 2 credits. Provider: E4A (SAIChE-SPV-004)

Includes sub-courses:  Critical Variables in Vessels, Pipes, Pump Designs, Multi-variables in Corrosion and Extreme Variables Analyses (Fires, Explosions). 

SAIChE-388: Reliable Project Completion Course

CPD credits 2.  Provider: Onovo (Teamworks) (SAIChE-SPV-008)

A six Week Online Course for Professionals. Deal with techniques that can enhance the successful execution of our projects.

SAIChE-385: Basic Chemical Engineering Concepts for Operators

CPD credits 5. Provider: Nelson Mandela Univ. (SAIChE-SPV-006)

Basic Chemical Engineering is essential for plant operators in order to execute their duties optimally. Operator duties and expectations involve Business basics, Systems thinking, Loss prevention, Problem solving, process control and basic mathematics.

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